Supply Chain Management & Procurement

Committed to keeping on engaging and collaborating with our partners and suppliers to drive positive change.

Engaging with Partners to drive positive change

MCI Procurement and our partners are committed to being community role models and accelerating positive change both locally and globally. We believe we can make a difference together and strengthen our talents and our communities. We carefully select partners who align with our company culture and core values. We believe that together, we are stronger.”

Jodie Torriani, Head of Global Hotel Procurement & Strategic Sourcing

EcoVadis CSR Assessment

EcoVadis evaluated MCI’s sustainability performance according to 21 criteria across four categories, cutting across, environment, labour and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement practices. Our sustainability policies, initiatives and results were analysed following international CSR standards including the Global Reporting Initiative, United Nations Global Compact, and ISO 26000. EcoVadis assesses more than 45’000 companies in 190 categories and 150 countries. MCI achieved an EcoVadis score of 58 out of 100 points, placing us in the top 17% of suppliers in the management consultancy segment, with a “silver” status rating.

We are keen to further improve transparency across all our operations and we will continue to engage with our stakeholders and suppliers to increase our positive impact across everything we do.


Our Approach

Managing our Supply Chain

At a strategic level the sustainability of our supply chain is managed by our Group Procurement Teams and our HQ Sustainability Team. Driving our commitment across the supply chain, each major office has a Local Procurement responsible.

Our environmental, social and ethical requirements are communicated to our supply chain through the MCI Supplier Code of Conduct. Compliance with this policy is a core component of our group and local preferred supplier agreements.

All new group and local preferred suppliers must sign and comply with this Supplier Code of Conduct, and all contract renewals must also include it.

Scale of Supply Chain

In 2018, MCI contracted over €350 million of services, of which €268 million was direct spend and the rest was indirect spend on behalf of our clients. Our largest category of procurement is hotels which accounts for more than half of our total spend. Venues, Food, Audio Visual, Transport, Temporary Staffing, Print and Destination Management Services make up the rest.

Supplier Engagement

The good news is that many suppliers around the world are committing to environmental and social practices and this in turn helps us deliver more sustainable events.

Of course, we can always do more, and we are engaging with our suppliers and partners to define together how we can accelerate improvements across the value chain.

Assessing performance

An initial assessment of our suppliers is done through our internal event audit tool. Further assessments of supplier compliance against our Code of Conduct are conducted on a random and specific basis. For high profile larger events, our Global Sustainability team can be involved to assess and audit performance. For the majority of suppliers, our local and group procurement teams are provided with tools to allow them to assess performance.

Key risks that have been identified in audits include the management and impact of water, food and beverage, third supply chain, health and safety and compliance.

We deliver an average of 6,500+ projects a year, working with more than 50,000 suppliers, which makes it a challenge to assess all of them. We have identified supplier assessment as an area where we need to improve and create more rigorous procurement processes.

Training our Talents and Partners

Sustainability 101 is part of our Onboarding programme for all new talents joining the company.

In 2018, we delivered 10 online or face to face sustainability training, that addressed sustainable sourcing, operational and sales practices as well as event production.

We conducted 5 workshops for our suppliers and industry peers, engaging +1,000 people, sharing our knowledge and searching for new ways to collaborate

Plans for the future

We will roll out an improved risk management process and focus on improving performance of both group and local providers.

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