Safety & security

committed to the safety and security of our talents, clients and event attendees.

Fostering a culture of safety excellence.


“At MCI, the safety of our talents and event attendees is a priority. Over the years, we have worked towards a rigorous and proactive approach to risk management.

Our Health & Safety strategy covers three main pillars that have gradually been embedded in our processes with increasingly efficient tools. These three pillars relate to risk analysis, business continuity plan and crisis management. Thanks to these tools, we have built a robust safety culture involving all our stakeholders. Security has now become an essential and integrated part of MCI’s processes, ensuring business-as-usual, whatever happens…”

Emmanuel André, Global Health, Safety & Sustainability Director

Our Strategy

Our strategy is based on the following commitments:

Dedicated Health and Safety Team

Based in Geneva, our programme is managed by our Global Health, Safety & Sustainability Director, Emmanuel Andre, a Certified Safety Engineer. Emmanuel oversees a team of 45 Health and Safety Coordinators. They are responsible for ensuring safe and secure operations around the world.


We have developed both basic and advanced level training for our office and event staff. For more effective training, we have used the concept of “gamification”,  creating a health and safety game, educating our event teams to evaluate risks and take appropriate measures.


Safe working environments

Our local offices follow security procedures that ensure safe and secure operations for our employees around the world. This includes fire protection system, first aid procedures, training our staff and ensuring their safety.

Event Assessments

All our events are assessed for security, data protection, duty of care and sustainability risk through our internal event audit tool and security checklists. Potential risks are managed either locally or with the help of our security experts.

Over the last few years, we have been focusing on terrorism aspects, as well as virus outbreaks, and we developed additional awareness campaigns and training programmes.

Duty of care

The safety of our talents and events is a top priority for MCI and we continuously work towards improving our processes in this area. We subscribed to Safeture services, which provides automated security alerts and safety information on users’ smartphones while they are abroad. By hitting the SOS button, our talents can inform our Global Health, Safety & Sustainability Director of an emergency so that assistance can be provided.

Additional procedures are in place for employees travelling to high-risk destinations, and appropriate measures are taken to protect them from harm.

Business Continuity and Crises Management

We have developed and implemented our own Business Continuity plans. Our leadership teams are trained and provided with the tools to perform an advanced business continuity and crisis management plan in the event of an emergency. We test and train our leadership teams with crisis management live exercises several times a year. We have extended these exercises to our project managers.


Data and Information Security

We have put in place effective policies and technical controls to safeguard all information collected by MCI throughout our operations.

MCI is accustomed to complying with strict data protection regulations. Our in-house Data Protection Officer together with our Vice-President Information Technology, regularly review our policies and standards in response to changes in our business, technology, infrastructure and new regulations.

In 2018, we updated and aligned our processes and systems following the introduction of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Local GDPR Referents were appointed, new guidelines, action and escalation plans, as well as Data Privacy code of conduct, were successfully launched. We organise ongoing training sessions.

Cyber security

As part of our 2019 risk assessment, we had identified cybersecurity as being a potential threat. In 2019, we implemented regular penetration testings to check for any security vulnerabilities.

Also, we have introduced the “Multi-Factor Authentication” when signing-in to our IT environment.

As part of our onboarding programme, we provide IT security training for new talents joining MCI and run regular awareness campaigns on fraud and phishing alerts. All policies and best practices are readily available at any time on our intranet.

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