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Committed to the development and wellbeing of each individual at MCI.

We are building an organisation that is profoundly human…

At MCI, we are committed to building a culture of care and responsibility. Our values dictate that we take care of our people, our communities and the environment, all of which are woven into our ways of working.

I am so proud of our talents, who are taking the lead when it comes to sustainability; doing what is right, adopting eco attitudes, and taking actions to make a difference at work and in the community.”

Joëlle Zumwald, Global Vice-President People & Culture.

Thriving on Diversity, Pressing for Progress

At the close of 2018, MCI employed 2,398 people (full-time equivalent), an increase of 285 full-time employees from 2017. Our team originates from over 60 countries and speaks over 60 languages.

This diversity fosters an international mind-set and understanding of society that enhances innovation and our ability to work cross-culturally to accompany our clients into new markets.  We are building an organisation that actively promotes diversity in all its forms including culture, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation and physical ability. As a company, we strive for balance at all levels and throughout our global team.

We believe in people and thrive on diversity; selecting and promoting our staff on the basis of their merit and qualifications, without discrimination or concern for race, religion, national origin, colour, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age or disability. (Excerpt from MCI’s Code of Business Ethics).

On International Women’s Day 2018, which was under the theme #PressforProgress to foster collective actions to help accelerate gender parity, we run an internal awareness campaign. We asked some of MCI’s women leaders to share how they press for progress in their own way.

A Responsible Employer and Supplier

At MCI, we want to create long-term relationships with our talents that build personal success. 73% of our workforce currently have a permanent employment contract, 10% have fixed term contracts, 12% are freelancers and 5% are interns/apprentices.

In 2018, 893 permanent employees said a fond farewell to MCI and 1’166 new permanent staff joined our team. Our retention of permanent employees turnover rate was 12.7%.

Our strategy on diversity is very much driven by cultural diversity, but also by legal and regulations of the different countries where we operate. Our Group Sustainability team works with Group HR and local HR responsible to review our operations for human rights, labour rights impacts and compliance with laws (i.e., ILO), to improve our sustainability strategy, and develop new training and communication initiatives. 

In addition, we carefully monitor wage equality in the workplace at a country level and in accordance with local laws and regulations.


Recruiting and Developing Our Talent

Creating a learning culture; boosting performance

Talent development is powered by the MCI Institute – our global learning centre of excellence. The goal is to provide an environment for our talents to develop capabilities for high performance to effectively serve our clients and drive tangible business results.

From leadership development to technical and functional skills, we work to ensure that we offer our talents quality, innovative and relevant learning and development opportunities to help tackle ‘real-time’ on the job challenges.

The learning and development strategy is implemented through a blended learning model that includes the latest digital learning (AI) tools and resources, focusing on formal and informal learning channels with local, regional and global reach. Learning programmes are built on strong internal expertise and external partnerships with key industry associations and academic institutions, developed to meet the needs of the business as well as the individual.

Key Moments

Fuelling Dreams, the MCI Way

July 1st is MCI Dream Day – a special moment when MCI employees come together to focus on their personal and professional dreams and recognise achievements to date. The goal of Dream Day is to fuel a culture of creation, self-actualisation and teamwork. It is not only about inspiration but about taking action and making a plan to fulfil these dreams. Following Dream Day, our talents are invited to share their dreams on the MCI Intranet and on our MCI Dreamers Facebook page. They are encouraged to work together to help each other achieve each other’s goals either in their local office or across the world.

Dream Day 2018 was a huge success, with MCI talents around the world making plans for their future and having fun together. We believe that the Dream Day activity contributes to our talents’ general sense of fulfilment working with MCI. When asked if they like the work environment and culture of their workplace, our talents rated MCI with 7.78/10 in our annual Talent Satisfaction Survey.


MCI Academies: Developing Leaders

The MCI Global Academy is the annual focal point of the Learning and Development calendar. It provides a unique opportunity to learn from subject matter experts, exchange ideas, share experiences, and network with peers.

MCI Learning Weeks: Promoting Professional Development

The ‘Learning Week’ at MCI is about generating and sustaining an enthusiasm for learning and development all year round. Designed and driven by local offices, the Learning Week is the opportunity to motivate talents with creative work-related activities that complement learning opportunities provided throughout the year. Learning Week’s empower offices to shape their own programmes according to local needs to ensure maximum relevance, talent participation and engagement.

Health & Wellness Activities: Nurturing Our Talent

With tight deadlines, high pressure projects and international travel, working in the strategic services and events industry can be both physically and emotionally demanding. This makes it especially important for a large business such as MCI to promote health, nutrition and exercise programmes to enhance our employees’ well-being.

Click on the picture to read stories on how MCI talents stayed fit, healthy and happy in 2018.

Listening to our talents

We undertake several surveys and interviews to engage with our talents, to understand their views on life and work at MCI, and to receive feedback regarding our sustainability programme.

1,248 talents completed the survey (56% of total workforce) between the months of September and October 2018:

    • Talents’ average satisfaction score is 7.67/10 (+1,8% compared to 2017)
    • Talents’ average response to being asked if they are proud to work at MCI is 7.88/10 (+ 2.2% compared to 2017)
    • Talents’ average response if they trust their direct manager is 8.3/10 (+ 0.8% compared to 2017)
    • Average satisfaction regarding flexible working arrangement options (home office, flexible hours, job sharing, …) is 7.64 (new question in our 2018 survey, no benchmarking from previous year).

351 talents responded a survey in March to April 2016:

    • 91% said that MCI is a company committed to sustainability
    • 62% of talents believe MCI’s Strategic Sustainable Solutions provides MCI with a competitive edge.
    • 69% say they feel more engaged to work for MCI due to the sustainability programme.
    • 42% have discussed MCI’s Sustainability Services with clients.
    • 83% of MCI staff want to learn more about what their co-workers are doing around sustainability.

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