Key Performance Indicators

Tracking Performance and Progress

To understand how we manage performance and track our success, please open and explore the following three areas. They show the annual key performance indicators, highlighting the progress we have made since 2014 as well as areas where we have challenges.


Key Performance Indicators 2017 - Profit

Action AreasProgress 2014Progress 2015Progress 2016DevelopmentProgress 2017
Total Turnover (Millions of Euros)327.8402.4404.1increase427.1
Gross margin
(Millions of Euros)
Corporate investment in sustainability (Euros)155,000
165,000135,000no change135,000
Percentage of RFPs responses and sales proposals that include content on sustainability and MCI solutions80%80%69%increase70%
Number of offices with sustainability plans and reporting60%73%73%increase82%


Key Performance Indicators 2017 - Planet

Action AreasProgress 2014Progress 2015Progress 2016DevelopmentProgress 2017
Carbon emissions per talent2.5 tons CO2e/talent
3.1 tons CO2e/talent3.7 tons CO2e/talentdecrease3.3 tons CO2e/talent
Number of our offices supplied by renewable energy33%
Offices recycling 3 waste streams or more66%80%66%increase85%
Percentage of events assessed for sustainability, health and safety risks87%


Key Performance Indicators 2017 - People

Action AreasProgress 2014Progress 2015Progress 2016DevelopmentProgress 2017
Number of talents1,5801,7101,877increase2,113
Retention of permanent employees82%81%85%decrease82%
Talent satisfaction with their work at MCI7.2 out of 10 (fairly good)6.6 out of 10 (fairly good)7.5 out of 10 (fairly good)no change7.5 out of 10 (fairly good)
Gender balance of women in senior management38%38%39%decrease38%
Hours of development and learning 11,0005,9714,752decrease1,033
Percentage of project managers trained in health and safetyn/a35%53%decrease30%
Pro-bono and community service per talent per year3.95 hours/ employee 5,409/ total
4.24 hours/employee
5,970 total
3,60 hours / employee
5,372 hours total
increase3,68 hours / employee
6,317 hours total
Fundraising by MCI Talent (direct)€ 284,790€ 129,108€ 28,670decrease € 21,846
Fundraising by MCI through pro-bono consulting (indirect)Not measuredNot measured€ 3,925,077decrease € 1,471,653

Office Scorecard

Since 2012, alongside our KPI’s we have been utilising our Office Scorecard – a strategic performance management tool – to benchmark office results in sustainability.

The scorecard tracks the sustainability performance of individual offices with more than 15 employees against their peers.

It analyses 5 areas:

  • Office Operations
  • Event Operations
  • Governance
  • Talent and Community
  • Sales

Summary of 2017

The average office benchmark score in 2017 was 60% (8% higher than 2016).  

  • 11% increase in Governance
  • 7% increase in Office Operations
  • 23% increase in Talent and Community
  • 18% increase in time invested in volunteering (close to an additional 1000 hours compared to 2016)
  • 66% of offices assessing sustainability and safety on over 80% of events.
  • 70% of offices integrate sustainability information into their large proposals (up from 69% in 2016).

Inspiring Improvement

These improvements are very encouraging as they show that more and more of our offices have a sustainability plan in place and implement sustainability SOPs into their operations and ways of working.

The number of hours dedicated to giving back to the community also show that our talents truly care and feel responsible for driving change.

Our 2017 goal is a minimum performance of 60% by all offices.

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