Message from the CEO

What started as a small CSR programme has blossomed to become a core pillar of the MCI culture and brand. Sustainability is now part of our business strategy, our client value proposition and our daily operations.

Our global team of over 100 dedicated and passionate Sustainability Champions have brought our programme to life locally, creating and executing a plan which makes sustainable business fun, real and tangible. It is these champions who drive the performance within the offices, and together with the local teams, bring additional value for our clients. I’m proud to see how the MCI entrepreneurial spirit is accelerating and how our teams are increasingly working on more complex and impactful sustainability projects around the world.

Climate change is a critical global challenge and over the years, we have taken actions to reduce our emissions by being more efficient and encouraging our offices to green their operations. In 2017, we took the decision to push our commitment one step further by compensating unavoidable emissions and partnered with Cool Earth.

MCI, as industry leader, clearly has an important role to play in the global sustainability movement. We can help organisations to foster behavioural change, inspire action and enhance sustainability performance, accelerating the transition to a more just and sustainable world.


Sebastien Tondeur

Chief Executive Officer, MCI Group

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