Office operations

committed to integrating principles of sustainability consistently into the daily work of our teams and operations. With quality as a quest, we continuously evolve and innovate – pushing the boundaries of our systems and procedures.

Our Approach

The Sustainability Champion in each office is responsible for leading a local team and working with management to create an annual Sustainability Plan with clear objectives and deliverables for their office. The plan focuses on both improving sustainability performance within the office and on client projects. We benchmark performance between our offices using Progress Reports and Balanced Scorecards.


Sustainable Working Environments

All MCI offices are guided to implement sustainable office operations and to reduce their environmental impact. Programmes run from energy or water consumption reduction, sourcing clean energy, smart printing practices, catering healthy and sustainable options for internal events, recycling or banning single-use plastic.

When opening a new office or moving to a new location, we encourage our offices to give preference to a building with an eco-certification. For example, when our Paris team moved to new premises, they opted for a building which has received the French green building certifications (HQE and BREEAM) for being super energy and water efficient, while using the most eco-responsible materials possible during construction.

The office also contracted a recycling service (Les Joyeux Recycleurs) that helps them to recycle over 5 waste streams – including paper, aluminium cans, glass, plastic and even coffee capsules!

Facilities to increase the welfare of the employees have been installed, including relaxation lounges, a foosball table, and a spacious rooftop terrace for lunch breaks on sunny days. When it comes to sustainability, they walk the talk!​

Digitisation – The Cloud

We continue our ambitious process of “walking into the cloud”, migrating and outsourcing MCI’s servers to a Cloud-based infrastructure to reduce our environmental footprint. Our data is hosted in Microsoft and Interoute data centres, which have both implemented sustainable technologies and solutions that are energy efficiency while reducing the CO2 consumption of their data centres.

We aim to reduce our IT footprint continuously. MCI upgraded most of its IT equipment. New machines are highly efficient and eco-labelled where possible, and the replaced equipment recycled or donated.

In 2019, we switched to Microsoft Teams, with integrated telephony and videoconferencing solutions, allowing for better inter offices collaboration, and reducing travel needs.

Ultimately, our goal is that MCI will no longer have to maintain an energy-sapping IT environment.

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