Message from the CEO

Committed to Making A Difference.

“With our 2018 results in line with our expectations and another record year of client satisfaction score, the foundation of our success resides in our amazing talents: along with their passionate work for our customers, they continue to give back and build Sustainability in everything they do.

The change of leadership in our Global Sustainability team was the opportunity to take stock and fine-tune our strategy. Over the years, we have implemented good office operations practices, we are off setting our unavoidable carbon emissions and have strengthened our safety and security processes. I also want to recognise our talents amazing contribution with pro-bono and volunteer work for causes they hold high in their hearts.

We need, however, to accelerate and scale up the integration of sustainability – it is a journey. We are committing to continue to engage with our clients, provide them with the support and inspiration to help them improve their environmental impacts as well as leave a powerful social legacy in the community and for future generations.

We will keep on collaborating with event industry organisations, our partners and suppliers, with the focus of working together towards common goals and solutions.

I would like to thank our amazing talents and clients for their dedication and passion in making a difference in the world.”

Sebastien Tondeur

Chief Executive Officer, MCI Group

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