Community and giving back

committed to working together to build a vibrant culture of responsibility and care that generates value for the communities where we work.

Making magic for causes beyond our work….

“Since we launched our sustainability journey, we have sought out the ideas and commitment of our talents to help drive the change toward a sustainable company. I would like to recognise here the passion and dedication of our +70 Sustainability Champions, who locally, bring our programme to life!

I continue to be amazed by our talents generosity and willingness to make a difference. Since 2010, MCI talents have raised over €14.6 million for 626 community projects around the world, investing more than 43,800 hours of their time and energy.

A big thank you to all our talents for making it happen. I am so proud of you!

Joëlle Zumwald, Global Vice-President People & Culture.

Our Approach: When People Come Together, Magic Happens

Each local sustainability team is responsible for engaging their office talents around an annual Sustainability Plan that includes community outreach actions of their choice.

Our teams are encouraged, but not obliged, to consider the following three criteria when developing community projects: Building Community, Education and Fun.

Through our Talent Sustainability Survey, our staff expressed their preference to support projects that focus on:

  • Children and education
  • Nature and environmental protection
  • Health and wellbeing

Using our Expertise for Good


We are also using our event and production management expertise to help organise charity events. Non-profit organisations often do not have the level of resources or purchasing power that MCI has. We believe it is also an inspiring way for our talents to be able to apply their skills to support the community.

Giving back in 2019

In 2019, our talents dedicated a total number of +5’920 hours (over 740 workdays) giving back to the community or offering their time for pro-bono consulting services on charity events.

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