Sustainable Events are Better Events

committed to making sustainability a core part of our client value proposition.

We strongly believe that sustainable events are better events.

Over the years, we have consistently proved that by embedding sustainability thinking, we can improve efficiency, quality, the participants’ experience and accelerate innovation. This holistic approach to sustainable event management can reduce costs, improve environmental impacts, build a stronger brand reputation and leave a powerful social legacy in the community and for future generations.

Integrating sustainability from the start


We believe brands can be positive forces for change, as well as engines of growth, by communicating authentically with customers and stakeholders, improving operational performance, driving and collaborations for the new era of sustainability.

It is therefore imperative that sustainability is high on any event’s agenda. Using the design-thinking model, we empathise and define a brand or associations corporate sustainability commitments, business objectives, as well as attendee’s needs and expectations, and see how we can support them to achieve their mission. Next we ideate and dig a little deeper by considering the location to see how the event’s footprint can be reduced, and identify where it can give back to the local community.

How do we do this? By integrating sustainability from the get-go:

  • Involving our client in the design process and understand their sustainability commitments and ambitions
  • Understanding the audience and maximise location-specific opportunities
  • Thinking outside the box and beyond the realms of a paper or plastic-free event
  • Sourcing suppliers that integrate social and environmental practices across their operations.

Every event is different and there is no “one fits all” approach. Still, we have defined five areas with various actions that we can take to make sustainability a standard part of how our events are organised.


Innovation and technology as drivers of sustainability

An increasing volume of technology is now available to help event organisers meet their sustainability objectives and, together with Dorier, our Audiovisual and Creative Technical Production business units, we are continuously on the search to find new solutions that can help our clients engage and activate their audiences while reducing the carbon and waste footprint during events.

Hybrid Event Solutions

In August 2019, Dorier hosted the first Hybrid Day, a day where they showcased the innovative features of multiplex technologies (see video on the right).

A great example of hybrid solution is Multi-site Events; the most efficient way to connect multiple cities and send a unifying message across multiple sites, simultaneously. By strategically selecting the hubs locations, we can offer a real alternative to participants that drastically reduces carbon emissions and considerably shortens their travel time. In 2019, more than a multi-site event a month was produced by our teams, a number that will keep growing in the future. 



If you are looking to wow an audience, Humagrams (speaker holograms) are a great option. Capable of beaming in anywhere in the world to conduct two-way interactions with the audience. They can be pre-recorded or filmed live from another location. In addition to offering innovative and engaging opening, closing, and educational sessions, they transcend time and geography, leading to a decrease of carbon emissions due to long-haul flights and avoidance of schedule conflicts.  


LED screens and Mapping Projection

We have also experienced a growing demand for what we call the “drop the backdrop” movement.  This tends to replace the old and still printed backdrop by large LED screens. While this technology offers more rhythm to the events and opens up the scope of possibilities in terms of visual impact, it is also way more sustainable. To go one step further, Mapping Projection can act as a fantastic storyteller, breathing life into stage sets and event spaces for a memorable experience.


Powering Change


With over 900 high-profile sustainability and energy-related projects managed to date and industry-wide recognition for our pioneering sustainability consulting, ISO certification and sustainability reporting, we are also the world’s leading organiser of sustainable events and events about sustainability and energy.


Our MCI Sustainability Client Event of the Year Award recognises an office which effectively implemented sustainability practices on a client event (from pitching phase to delivery).


Quest for Quality

Client satisfaction measurement programme

The sustainability of MCI as a long-term business is contingent on the value we bring for our clients. MCI’s global client satisfaction measurement programme helps us on our quest for quality to improve the group and individual office Net Promoter Scores. The Customer Satisfaction Index is part of the C-level agenda. We are regularly analysing performance and making the required organisational and process changes. Improvements are supported by formal training and on the job coaching and mentoring.

To motivate talents and to recognise our offices’ outstanding customer service achievements, MCI implemented the “Customer Satisfaction Awards”. Qualifying criteria for the award are the highest number of customer recommendations (NPS) and a significant response rate.

The 2019 winners were:


  • Top 3 CSS winners: Dorier EuropeMCI UAE and MCI Spain.
  • China recognised for Year-on-year improvement and Novartis Geneva as Best Account of the Year.

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