Awards and recognition

Recognition of our talent and clients is a key element of our sustainability strategy.

We are proud to have won 24 industry awards for sustainability and to annually recognise our top performing offices for their success in embedding sustainability into our organisation.

Nisha Mullatti, Sustainability and Driver of Change in APAC region

Sustainability and compassion are key drivers of change in the APAC region.

The Charter for Compassion (CFC), an international organisation facilitating more than 400 city and community initiatives in 54 countries, has nominated Nisha Mullatti, MCI Global Account Director & APAC Sales Director, as the ‘Charter of Compassion Champion’ for Singapore.


Industry Awards

We are particularly proud of the awards won by and with our clients, as a result of our partnerships and sustainability consulting. Here is a selection:

  • 2018 : MCI Brazil for the 8th World Water Forum: Premio Caio Bronze Award (Category Sustainability) &  IAPCO International Client Award
  • 2016 : Meetings & Events Australia’s (MEA) Corporate Social Responsibility Award 
  • 2016: GBTA Project ICARUS Gold Award for MCI Group Sustainability Program

Internal Awards

Leadership in Sustainability

The MCI Sustainability Awards celebrate our talents’ commitment to sustainable business and reward offices that effectively raise awareness and implement sustainability into the day-to-day practices of MCI and our clients. MCI donates € 500 to each winning office to support a local charity programme of their choice.

In 2019, we reviewed our recognition programme and have now created the four following categories:

  • Sustainability Event of the Year Award for effectively integrating sustainability practices on a client event
  • Sustainable Supplier of the Year Award to recognise and thank a supplier for its outstanding contributions to improve sustainability performance and implementation
  • Community Engagement Award for creating the best culture of giving back to the community
  • Leadership in Sustainability Award, elected based on submitted offices’ Sustainability Progress Reports.

In 2019, the judges elected the following winners:

MCI Middle-East won the Sustainability Event of the Year Award 

for EDEC Congress

“Sometimes, winning is not everything, but it is also the journey to the win. And EDEC is just such a success story. For running this event for 10 years, the team has continuously evolved and innovated at every step and the last few years, the focus has been in making the event as sustainable as possible to support the environment and people around us without compromising the experience”. Ajay Bhojwani, Managing Director MCI Middle East.

MCI Middle-East used the donation to support Toys with Wings.

Hutten – Presented by MCI The Netherlands won​​​ the Supplier of the Year Award 

Bob Hutten, General Director Hutten commented: “It is great that in these difficult and uncertain times we are appreciated for our sustainable entrepreneurship. Also, after this crisis our goals will remain to reduce waste, enhance inclusivity in the workplace and to stay proactive and reactive in terms of vitality. At Hutten it is very clear, sustainable is what we are.” MCI The Netherlands Team added “It is a great joy to see that our local Preferred Supplier Hutten has been recognized by the whole MCI family as a true champion in sustainability. Next to offering top quality and very creative concepts, they bring in concrete sustainability elements in their catering, helping us stay ahead of the CSR game with our clients.”

Hutten chose Prinses Maxima Centrum to receive the donation.


Dorier & MCI Geneva won the Community Engagement Award 

with a record of 2,867 hours of community activities or pro-bono work, collected over CHF 11K to support local associations and helped raise +CHF 4 million during charity events.

“We are all committed to make a difference and seeing our 2019 results make all our efforts worthwhile. A big thank you to our talents who offer their time and know-how to support great causes.” said Cathie Cusin, Richard Torriani and Olivier Croset, Managing Directors, MCI and Dorier Geneva.

MCI & Dorier Geneva selected Kajsiab for the donation.

MCI Australia won​​​ the Leadership in Sustainability Award 

“Sustainability (of our planet, our people, our company) is no longer the focus of just a few dedicated souls. It’s now a reality among many, evidenced by our recognition for Leadership in Sustainability, the second year in a row for winning a global sustainability award. Certainly our local Sustainability Champions, 3P, continue their important role in this leadership, especially in Talent Wellbeing and Cultural Sustainability, but in addition, we see a growing and whole-hearted involvement by the entire MCI Australia Team, intent on contributing to the world and making a difference”, proudly commented Suzanne Best, HR Director, MCI Australia.

MCI Australia has elected to split the donation among The Nelune Foundation​ and Little Big Steps​.


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