About Us

About Us

About Us

MCI at a glance


We are an independently owned agency with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, and globally present in 31 countries. For several decades, we have empowered associations, companies and brands to activate their employees, channel partners, customers and members through face-to-face, hybrid and digital experiences.

MCI stands for Minds, Communities, Ideas. Minds is about respect for and focus on the talent of each individual. Communities are about people and relationships that come together to change the world. Ideas are like the northern star – a beacon that brings communities together and gives them purpose.

Through our creativity and world-class project management skills, we aim to build trusted client partnerships and to boost strategic growth. We do this with passion and conviction, designing solutions that are paving the way to the future in a way that combines a global, human-centred, and responsible approach.

What We Do

We engage communities inspire action and deliver change.


We bring practical experience, specialised knowledge, and unique insights to brands and associations across a variety of industries.

Global Presence

We are a company that finds its unity through human interactions. Our teams around the world turn international standards of excellence into local successes, sharing knowledge and expertise that circulate across 31 countries.  

Our Brands

Our brand portfolio integrates a wide range of creative and strategic disciplines, custom solutions and unparalleled industry knowledge.

Our Global Impact

Our Core Values

MCI’s vision, day-to-day operations and relationships with clients, partners and suppliers are cemented by the following core values:

Living by Growth

An ambition, a force that allows us to accomplish our own and our clients’ dreams.

Promoting Entrepreneurship

An energy and intensity of life that radiates out to clients and to the world.

Believing in People

Strong and shared relations that link and engage our global company.

Building Fair Relations

Constant quest to build trust among our collaborators, and earn the trust of our clients.

Our Ownership

MCI is a private company. 37% of shares are owned by the Tondeur Family, 43% by the Senior Management team and the remaining shares are divided between our two equity investors Indigo Capital (8%) and EMZ Partners (12% of shares).

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