We are building an organisation that is profoundly human…

At MCI, we focus on creating a culture of care and responsibility, a dynamic community that shares dreams and respect for others, and a workforce that thrives on diversity while promoting entrepreneurship, development and fun.

Thriving on Diversity

At the close of 2016, MCI employed 1,877 people in 60 offices, an increase of 166 full-time employees from 2015 (at time of report release we had almost 2100 people). Our team originates from over 54 countries and speaks over 60 languages.

This diversity fosters an international mind-set and understanding of society that enhances innovation and our ability to work cross-culturally to accompany our clients into new markets.  We’re building an organisation that actively promotes diversity in all its forms including culture, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation and physical ability. As a company, we strive for balance at all levels and throughout our global team.

  • 63% of our staff are women (66% in Europe, 58% in Asia Pacific, 43% in IMEA and 71% in Americas)
  • 34% of our team are under 30, 57% are between 30 and 49, and 9% are over 50 years old
  • 39% of our management team are women
  • 57% of our management team are between 30 and 49, and 43% are over 50 years old

A Responsible Employer and Supplier

At MCI, we want to create long-term relationships with our talents to build personal success. 74% of our workforce currently have a permanent employment contract, 13% have fixed term contracts, 8% are freelancers and 5% are interns/apprentices. We typically do not use volunteers.

In 2016, 578 permanent employees said a fond farewell to MCI and 889 new permanent staff joined the team. Our retention of permanent employees was 69%.

Annually the Group Sustainability team works with Group HR and other business units to review our operations for human rights and labour rights impacts, compliance with laws (i.e., ILO) and our performance. Combined with the input from our Stakeholder Engagement processes, this feedback is used to improve our sustainability strategy, and develop new training and communication initiatives.

Recruiting and Developing Our Talent

Creating a learning culture

Talent development is powered by the MCI Institute – our global learning centre of excellence. Their goal is to develop and implement a learning culture which transforms and inspires MCI talents to realise their professional potential.

From leadership development to technical and functional skills, MCI works to ensure that we offer our talents quality, innovative and relevant learning and development opportunities.

The learning and development strategy is implemented through a blended learning model, focusing on formal and informal learning channels with local, regional and global reach. Learning programmes are built on strong internal expertise and external partnerships with key industry associations and academic institutions, developed to meet the needs of the business as well as the individual.

Competency Driven Development

Launched in 2013 our Professional Development Plan entitled Phoenix, uses a competency based framework that provides clear objectives and recommended learning paths for growth. It enables our talent to benchmark their capabilities against industry standards, and outlines skills and knowledge required to grow within the organisation.

Key results in 2016

  • 4,752 hours of learning and development received (or about 2.35 hours of learning per talent)
  • 3,094 enrolments in the MCI Institute programmes (a decrease of 2% from 2015)
  • Online enrolments accounted for 91% of all MCI Institute learning programmes (10% more than 2015). This focus on online learning helps reduce carbon emissions generated by our education programmes, significantly reducing air travel and associated travel costs.
  • 38 MCI managers participated in the flagship Online Management Development Programme – Harvard ManageMentor®
  • 20 sustainability webinars and 20 sustainability training classes were held

Key Moments of 2016

Fuelling Dreams, the MCI Way

July 1st is MCI Dream Day – a special moment when MCI employees come together to focus on their personal and professional dreams and recognise achievements to date. The goal of Dream Day is to fuel a culture of creation, self-actualisation and teamwork. It is not only about inspiration but about taking action and making a plan to fulfil these dreams. Following Dream Day, our talents are invited to share their dreams on the MCI Intranet and on our MCI Dreamer Facebook page. They are encouraged to work together to help each other achieve each other’s goals either in their local office or across the world.

Dream Day 2016 was a huge success, with MCI talent around the world investing around 9,504 hours making plans for their future. We strongly believe that this has contributed to our talents’ general sense of fulfilment working with MCI. When asked if they like the work environment and culture of their workplace, our talents rated MCI with 7.54/10 in our annual Talent Satisfaction Survey.


MCI Academies: Developing Leaders

Each year, the MCI Academies are the annual focal point of the Learning and Development calendar. In 2016 the Academies focused on Senior Management and Sales Teams. The Academies provides a unique opportunity to learn from subject matter experts, exchange ideas, share experiences and network with peers.

In 2016, MCI ran our Corporate Academy in Marrakesh and our Institutional Academy in Dubai.

Key Performance Indicators 2016 - People

Action AreasProgress 2010Progress 2011Progress 2012Progress 2013Progress 2014Progress 2015DevelopmentProgress 2016
Number of talents9571,1141,2981,5021,6471,771increase1,877
Retention of permanent employees87.0%83.2%89.2%88%83%81%decrease69%
Talent satisfaction with their work at MCINot MeasuredNot Measured80%7 out of 10 (fairly good)7.2 out of 10 (fairly good)6.6 out of 10 (fairly good)increase7.5 out of 10 (fairly good)
Gender balance of women in senior management27%38%39%40%38%38%increase39%
Hours of development and learning 5,0188,62410,99610,69111,0005,971decrease4,752
Percentage of project managers trained in health and safetyn/an/a60%60%n/a35%increase53%
Pro-bono and community service per talent per year1 hour / employee
880 hours total
1 hour / employee
1253` hours total
1 hour / employee
1,481 hours total
2.23 hours / employee 3,330 hours total3.95 hours/ employee 5,409/ total
4.24 hours/employee
5,970 total
5,372 hours total
Fundraising by MCI Talent (direct)€ 74,086€ 208,597€ 480,365€ 320,542 € 284,790€ 129,108decrease€ 28,670
Fundraising by MCI through pro-bono consulting (indirect)Not measuredNot measuredNot measuredNot measuredNot measuredNot measuredincrease€3,925,077

Listening to our talent

Every year we undertake a number of surveys and interviews to engage with our talent, to understand their views on life and work at MCI, and to receive feedback regarding our sustainability programme.

918 talents completed the survey (48% of total workforce) in August to November 2016:

  • Talents’ average satisfaction score is 7.44/10 (0.27 higher than 2015)
  • Talents’ average response to being asked if they “have fun at work” is 7.51/10
  • Talents’ average satisfaction with their direct manager’s leadership is 7.25/10
  • Talents’ average agreement to whether they would recommend MCI as an employer to friends and family is 7.18/10

351 talents responded in March to April 2016:

  • 91% said that MCI is a company committed to sustainability
  • 62% of talents believe MCI’s Strategic Sustainable Solutions provides MCI with a competitive edge. Up from 57% in 2015
  • 69% say they feel more engaged to work for MCI due to the sustainability programme. Down from 72% in 2015
  • 42% have discussed MCI’s Sustainability Services with clients. Down from 44% in 2015
  • 83% of MCI staff want to learn more about what their co-workers are doing around sustainability. Down from 85% in 2015