We believe in the spirit of winning, of challening the status quo and never being complacent.

We are committed to integrating our principles of sustainability into the process and daily work of our global team. With quality as a quest, we constantly evolve and innovate  pushing the boundaries of our systems and procedures. 

Our Approach

The Sustainability Champion in each office is responsible for leading a local team and working with management to create an annual Sustainability Plan with clear objectives and deliverables for their office. The plan focuses on both improving sustainability performance within the office and on client projects. We benchmark performance between our offices using a balanced scorecard approach.

The average office benchmark score in 2016 was 52% – 3% more than 2015. Though this appears as a sharp decrease in performance from 2014 (64%) and 2013 (65%), this drop was caused by an upgrade of the scorecard metrics in 2015 that added more parameters and made it more difficult to score highly. This change was made to further drive improvements in office sustainability performance. 100% of our offices with over 15 permanent staff reported this year.

Over the last few years we have learned that the offices delivering the best sustainability performance have achieved their progress through integrating sustainability into all areas of our business, including governance structures, office operations, community and talent development and our work with clients.

This is Adam Greenies – the mascot of the MCI Amsterdam

Sustainable Working Environments

All MCI offices are guided to improve the impact of their footprint and are measured and managed sustainably, but some of our offices go above and beyond. Our goal is to have 100% of our offices using clean renewable energy by 2020. Starting from zero we currently have 32% of our offices running on clean energy.

MCI Geneva

This year, MCI was able to complete the construction of our dream Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland – and of course, sustainable design was a key requirement. Some of the features put in place to reduce the environmental impact of our HQ office include: 

  • Thermowells going down 258 meters below ground level recuperate earth heat and transport it to the surface using two heat pumps. This produces enough to heat, to warm the entire building throughout the year, reducing the need for additional resources such as gas, heating oil or electricity. 
  • Solar panels on the roof pre-heat the water for the heating system and the showers, significantly reducing the electricity consumption for water. 
  • Active floors have eliminated the need for heating and air conditioning. They work by circulating either hot or cold water through the floors. The water is either heated or cooled down depending on the season. 
  • Advanced insulation including double-insulated windows, pre-fabricated external wall panels and triple external doors with automatic closing mechanisms were installed to ensure maximum insulation and minimum loss of energy for the core building. 
  • Waste recycling systems were installed in the kitchen cafeteria and throughout the office areas. We now recycle six-streams of waste, and aim to get better.  
  • Banning water bottles (glass or PET) and installing direct connect water fountains throughout the office. We have also provided 100% biodegradable paper cups. 
  • Recycled & upcycled furniture has been used whenever possible, including for our rooftop terrace.

MCI Berlin

Since 2011, MCI Berlin has been making major changes to guarantee more sustainable office operations. Today, the office runs on 100% green energy, has installed automatic heat regulators which have cut down energy use by 30%, and is even a bottled-water free zone, relying instead on filtered tap water! Additionally, 75% of the paper used is recycled and 25% is FSC certified.