Health and Safety

As a committed and client-oriented business, MCI takes our responsibility for health and safety very seriously. Not only do we see this as a responsibility, but also as an important competitive differentiator. 

Our Approach to Health & Safety

We promote and manage a healthy and safe working environment for employees, partners and clients.

Our strategy is based on the following commitments: 

Dedicated Health and Safety Team

Based in Geneva, our programme is managed by Group Health & Safety Director, Emmanuel Andre, a Certified Safety Engineer. Emmanuel oversees a team of 40 Health and Safety Coordinators who are responsible for ensuring safe and secure operations around the world.


We have developed both basic and advanced level training for our office and event staff. Our goal is to train all staff in basic health and safety issues, and so far over 1,367 MCI employees have participated in our internal training programme. To make the training more effective, we have used the concept of “gamification” to create a health and safety game that educates our event teams to consider risks and appropriate proactive and reactive risks.

In 2016, 800 hours of internal training was delivered on health and safety.

Office Audits
Our offices are assessed for health and safety risks on an annual basis using a balanced scorecard approach.
Crisis Management

Our leadership teams are trained and provided with the tools to implement an advanced crisis management plan in the event of an emergency. In 2016, 483 hours of crisis management training was conducted.

Event Assessment

In 2012, our Event Safety and Sustainability Tool (ESST) went into mainstream implementation. In 2016, 74% of all MCI congresses and events were assessed for security and sustainability risks . Our goal is to increase assessment up to 100% of MCI managed events.

Nurturing Our Talent

With tight deadlines, high pressure projects and international travel, working in the strategic services & events industry can be both physically and emotionally demanding. This makes it especially important for a large business such as MCI to promote health, nutrition and exercise programmes to enhance our employees’ well-being. The following selection of case studies from offices around the world show how MCI’s well-being programmes helped keep our talents fit, healthy and happy in 2016.

MCI Geneva raises funds through wellness initiatives

In support of both MCI Health Week and the MCI Dreambuilders programme (see the Community section for more information), our Talents in MCI Geneva committed to walking the number of steps needed to travel from Geneva to Nepal in one week. When the results were tallied, they had collectively walked 5,070,499 steps, and also raised a total amount of €1,894!

But it didn’t stop there – MCI Geneva also hosted a Healthy Lunch during the same week to complement the walking challenge. Our Talents prepared 13 different types of salad for the menu, in addition to delicious cupcakes (in three flavours – chocolate, vanilla and lemon!) baked by family members. The lunch raised €1,017, which, when added to the funds raised from walking, equals a grand total of over €2,900!

MCI Australia hosts seminars on dealing with stress

Work can be stressful, and when we don’t take care of ourselves, our bodies’ ability to manage that stress can dwindle. For this reason, MCI Australia organised a series of talks and activities during their “Wellness Week”, including a “Nutrition Myth Buster” webinar and meditation sessions. 

MCI Singapore organises after-work running pact

As a ground-up initiative, a few MCI Singapore Talents had the idea to promote health and exercise by forming a voluntary running group in the office. What started off as a three-person initiative soon blossomed into a pact of around 10 enthusiastic runners – and is attracting more newcomers every week! Now officially called “Running Tuesdays”, the talents run once a week together – supporting and encouraging each other inside and outside of the workplace. 

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