Since 2010, MCI talents have raised over €5.7 million for 468 community projects around the world, investing 18,925 hours of their time and energy.

Our Approach: When People Come Together, Magic Happens

In 2016, MCI talents volunteered a total number of 5,372 hours, raising over €28,670 direct and €3.9 million indirect funds in support of 80 charity projects around the globe.

Each local sustainability team is responsible for engaging their office Talent around an annual Sustainability Plan that includes community outreach actions. Our goal is that each staff member volunteers one full working day (equivalent to 8 hours) of their time per year.

Since starting our community action programme in 2008, we have set a goal of each Talent contributing 8 hours of MCI time (or one full day) to community action activities. In 2016, we achieved an average of 3.6 hours of volunteering activities per Talent, falling short of our 8 hour goal. Based on these results, in 2017 we will focus on better ways to manage our talent’s time to allow them to create more value for their local communities.

Our Focus

MCI Offices are encouraged, but not obliged, to consider the following three criteria when developing community projects:

  • Building community Does the project create links and build relationships that will benefit local people by facilitating business, creating networks, offering guidance and/or core MCI skills and resources?
  • Education Will the programme provide enhanced access to information? Will it share or develop knowledge that can stimulate life chances and development?
  • Fun Is the initiative engaging and positive, providing participants with buoyancy of spirit, increased optimism, hope and “esprit de corps”?

Through our Talent Sustainability Survey, our staff expressed their preference to support projects that focus on:

  • Children and education
  • Nature and environmental protection
  • Health and wellbeing

Building community around the world

Click the map markers below  to read a selection of stories on how MCI Talents are giving back to the community around the world.


“Being part of an impactful project like Dreambuilders has truly been an eye-opener on many levels; personally as well as professionally. Firstly, to help a community far, far away, and experiencing the transformation of the school day by day, is energising. Knowing that the joint efforts have a direct, impact on children’s future…Secondly, it is amazing to have employees from all over the world to be part of a project… strongly believe that MCI should continue investing in projects (and Talents) such as this one, which brings joy, not only to a community in need, but also employees across offices.”

Alice Dieden-Richter

MCI Amsterdam

“Dreambuilders” is a community project started by MCI Singapore & Asia Pacific in 2013 to support the development of schools and education facilities in Nagarkot, Nepal. Since then, Dreambuilders has developed into an MCI Group-wide project, gathering our talents from around the world to change the lives of the Nepalese community through volunteering.

In 2016 the fourth team of MCI Dreambuilders – from Amsterdam, Geneva, Munich and Singapore – went to Nepal as part of our long term partnership with the community of Nagarkot. The team helped raise almost €16,000 and built two classrooms – which included manually carrying and mixing 132 bags (or 6.6 tons) of sand, cement and gravel!

Over the last 4 years, MCI has sent 53 Dreambuilders to Nepal date – coming from Asia, the Middle East, Australia, Europe and the Americas – who have raised over €53,500, built 4 classrooms and an AV room, painted a library, roofed 2 buildings and funded the salary of a teacher for 2 years!

To the left are a few pictures of the MCI Dreambuilders, supporting a community one brick at a time.

Giving Back in 2016

MCI UK: Pedal Power

MCI UK appoints a new charity partner every year. For 2016 MCI UK chose to partner with Re-Cycle and quickly established a calendar of fundraising events, including an Easter egg hunt, sports day and a photography competition. In addition, a team of 5 MCI Talents completed a grueling 24 hour cycle race around the Grand Prix circuit, raising €780 for Re-Cycle to fund sending 35 bikes to underprivileged communities across Zambia, Kenya, Ghana and Namibia.

MCI Stockholm: Save the Children

In 2016, MCI Stockholm organised a fund-raising exercise to provide aid for Syrian refugees who have had to flee to Lebanon. Partnering with the Save the Children Fund – an international non-governmental organization that promotes children’s rights, provides relief and helps support children in developing countries – MCI Stockholm were able to amass a quantum of €1,565, 100% of which was to go directly to those in need.

MCI Shanghai: Another Year with Yuemiao Garden

For the third year, MCI China has partnered with Yuemiao Garden – a Shanghai-based foundation established to support underprivileged children and those with special needs. On top of continuing to support them through charity marathons and fund-raising, this year MCI China’s “Fun & CSR Committee” also brought 50 participants – including both MCI talents and representatives from Yuemiao Garden – to visit the Shanghai Museum.

MCI Vancouver: Partnership with Canucks Autism Network

This year MCI Vancouver raised $1,170.00 for the Canucks Autism Network (CAN) – a foundation which provides year-round, high- quality sports, recreational, arts, and social programs for individuals and families living with autism, while spreading awareness and providing training in communities across British Columbia. MCI Vancouver also helped inventory their visual equipment and aides.

Key Performance Indicators

Action AreaProgress 2010Progress 2011Progress 2012Progress 2013Progress 2014Progress 2015DevelopmentProgress 2016
Volunteering and pro-bono community service per talent per year1 hour/employee
880 hours total
1 hour/employee
1,253 hours total
1 hour/employee
1,481 hours total
2.23 hours/employee 3404 hours total3.95 hour/ employee
5,409 hours total
4.24 hour/employee
5,970 hours total
decrease3.6 hour/employee
5,372 hours total
Direct Fundraising by MCI Talent€74,086€208,597€480,364
Indirect Fundraising by MCI TalentNot measuredNot measuredNot measuredNot measuredNot measuredNot measuredincrease€3,925,077
Invest as a percentage of net profit in MCI sustainability programs€115,0005% - €173,0005% - € 166,000
2.62% - € 149,50517% - €135,000
5.6% - € 165,000increase3.1% - € 135,000