We strive to make sustainability a core part of our client value proposition.

When MCI started our corporate responsibility journey in 2007 we knew that to become a sustainable business, we needed to make sustainability a core part of our products as well as operations.

In 2016 we made great progress, and are proud to see that sustainability is firmly entwined into our business strategy,  services and managed solutions.

Promoting Sustainability

Powering Change

  • We believe brands can be positive forces for change as well as engines of growth by communicating authentically with customers and stakeholders, improving operational performance and driving innovation to create products, solutions and collaborations for the new era of sustainability.

  • With 850 high-profile sustainability and energy related projects managed to date and industry-wide recognition for our pioneering sustainability consulting, ISO certification and sustainability reporting, we are also the world’s leading organiser of sustainable events and events about sustainability and energy.
  • In 2016, we consolidated our reputation by organising 112 events about sustainability in 60 countries and delivering 18 sustainability consulting projects for corporate and institutional clients including SAP, Barcelona Tourism, Danish Maritime Forum and Pacifico Yokohama.

Scaling sustainable business and solutions

  • In 2016 we have continued to develop the Sustainability Centre of Excellence. This is a global team of sustainability experts who have a core focus on helping create sustainable brands and helping associations, governments and corporate scale new sustainability technology and solutions.
  • Our solutions and managed services help organisations create strategy, implement complex programmes by engaging stakeholders, and activating them through face to face events and innovative online communications strategies. Our experienced consultants additionally improve operational efficiency, accelerate innovation and increase return on investment. 
  • Example clients include: SAP, the United Nations, Symantec, Singapore Exhibition & Convention Bureau, Pacifico Yokohama and Las Vegas Sands Corp. 
  • Industry categories we have an expertise in include: Smart Cities, Smart Energy, Smart Healthcare, Water, Infrastructure, Green Building, Sustainable Transportation & Hospitality and Sustainable Sports

Client Success Stories

Engaging Talent: SAP Developer Kick-off Meeting

Over 20,000 SAP executives, management, mentors and developers congregate around the world every year for SAP’s annual Development Kick-Off Meetings (“dKom”). The dKom event series is held around the globe – in Germany, India, the United States and China – to facilitate alignment within the company, while providing insights on performance in the past, and where the focus lies looking to the future. 

Sustainability is at the core of SAP’s vision to help the world run better and improve people’s lives. Being conscious of the environmental performance and societal impacts of the events they organise, SAP brought in MCI’s Sustainability Services team to create a bespoke Sustainable Event Framework and Toolkit for the dKom series. As a result, they were able to: 

  • Divert 66% of waste from landfill (or about the weight of 41 elephants) 
  • Generate €86,000 of net savings through sustainability (a ROI of 66%) 
  • Donate over €25,000 to community projects in China and India 
  • Offset 100% of local emission

    Sustainable Maritime:

    Danish Maritime Forum 2016

    The Danish Maritime Forum (DMF) took place in Copenhagen on 26-27 October 2016, gathering more than 200 key leaders from all parts of the global maritime value chain to address issues of sustainable advancement in the industry – perceived as the backbone of globalisation and international trade – to drive enduring profit. Danish Maritime Days collaborated with MCI’s sustainability experts for the third year to design and integrate a strategy on responsible event production which needed to align conference ambitions whilst reflecting the theme of continuity. 

    Implementing tactics in the areas of responsible supply chain engagement, sustainable food & beverage planning, greenhouse gas emissions mitigation and waste reduction, the Forum was able to: 

    • Achieve a 100% waste diversion rate 
    • Source 90% of all food & beverage locally 
    • Offset 100% of their emissions, making it the first carbon neutral DMF 

      Paving the Way:

      Pacifico Yokohama

      MCI was engaged in 2016 as a sustainability consultant by the Pacifico Yokohama; Japan’s largest convention centre attracting over 4 million visitors a year. Our team undertook a thorough review of operational practices both front and back of house of this sophisticated centre and its lead caterer, the Intercontinental Yokohama. 

      MCI consultants mapped out a pathway to sustainability success for the venue, detailing the actions and measures that could be added to the great steps the venue was already taking. Concluding the project, the team collaborated with our partner in Japan, JCS to create an engaging video highlighting best practice at the venue.

      A More Sustainable Future:

      DO! Smart City Santiago

      Population growth, climate change, resource insecurity and social equality demand a rethink of how we live, work, play in and manage the cities of tomorrow. Do! Smart City Santiago – held in Chile from 18-20 August 2016 at ParqueTitanium Convention Center – set out to do just that: bring together key city players to collaborate and catalyse the development of smarter, better and healthier cities across Chile and Latin America. 

      During the conference, more than 35 national and international experts gathered to discuss global and local trends, strategies, projects and a pathway to the future to an audience of over 2,900 delegates. 

      By integrating more sustainable practices into the MCI designed and run event, we were able to: 

      • Achieve a waste diversion rate of 73%, with each delegate only creating enough waste to fill half a 250ml water bottle 
      • Generate only 0.4MtCO2e per delegate (the equivalent of driving 200km in a sedan)
      • Offset 100% of the event’s emissions by investing into the Pasada Hornitos Hydro Electric Plant in Valparaiso – a renewable energy plant which provides enough energy to supply more than 98,000 households.

      Supporting Communities:

      IUA SFMV

      From 5 to 8 October 2016, more than 1,700 professionals around the world gathered in Lyon for the XXVIIth World Congress of the International Union of Angiology (IUA) hosted by the French Society of Vascular Medicine (SFMV).  

      During the congress, a waste limitation programme was put in place to ensure food and non-food surplus were donated to local charities. In total, 180 kg of food was donated to Foyer Notre-Dame des sans Abris – enough to feed 100 people for an entire day.  

      IUA SFMV also established a donation partnership with UNICEF by encouraging participants to donate to UNICEF when depositing their belongings at the UNICEF-managed cloackroom and by matching the amount raised at the end of the congress. Thanks to the donations, UNICEF will be able to rescue 80 children suffering from severe malnutrition by purchasing 8,000 high-protein bars and 10,000 polio vaccines.

      Convening Leaders:

      The GRI Global Conference 

      The 5th Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Global Conference 2016 took place in Amsterdam, The Netherlands on 18-20 May. During the conference, sustainability leaders from around the globe participated to exchange leading-edge knowledge on best practices, innovations and trends that are empowering sustainable decisions and changing the world.  

      To boost the sustainability performance of the event, MCI ensured that 100% of collected waste was recycled, 100% of contracted hotels were within 15mins of the venue by public transport and no single-use disposable plastic bottles were used at the event. Furthermore, the event relied heavily on electronic signage and a conference App to reduce paper (where what little paper used was made from FSC certified 100% post-consumer recycled paper), served fresh, local, organic or seasonable food, and that 100% of the badges used were made from decomposable paper studded with seeds that can be planted.

      Quest for Quality

      Client satisfaction measurement programme

      The sustainability of MCI as a long-term business is contingent on the value we bring for our clients and in 2012 MCI launched a global client satisfaction measurement programme.

      Inspired by the Net Promoter Score® methodology, we have implemented a formal, systematic and proactive process to capture the “voice of our customers.” We selected to measure five criteria that drive the customer experience working with MCI: quality of services, quality of relationship, right team, value for money and willingness to recommend.

      In our first year of measurement, MCI earned a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 48. As none of our competitors or peers seem to be using this globally recognized standard, it has been a challenge to find an acceptable industry benchmark to evaluate our performance. Instead, we set ourselves a 2016 global goal to reach a NPS of 51. We are incredibly satisfied to have over performed and reached 59 this year.

      To help us on our quest for quality and to improve the group and individual office Net Promoter Scores we are regularly analysing performance and making the required organisational and process changes. The Customer Satisfaction Index is part of the C-level agenda. Improvements will be supported by formal training and on the job coaching and mentoring.

      “The quality of our service is paramount. Without quality, we will fade away.”

      Cathie Cusin, Chief Operating Officer Europe

      Customer Satisfaction Award

      To motivate our talents, MCI repeated the “Customer Satisfaction Awards” to recognise outstanding customer service achievements and give MCI offices visibility for their outstanding achievements. To qualify for the award, offices had to achieve a client Net Promoter Score over 51 and a statistically significant response rate. The 2016 winners were: MCI Argentina*, MCI Brazil, FairControl*, MCI Geneva**, MCI Germany, Hagen Invent*, MCI Italy, MCI Prague, MCI Spain, MCI Nordics*.

      *Also in 2015   **Also in 2014 and 2015

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