2016 Highlights


2016 was an important year of growth in our sustainability programme. Our focus on client services and operational integration allowed us to build new possibilities for our talent, clients and society at large.

Financially, our business grew in revenue and profit.

Environmentally, we raised awareness with our talent and helped clients to activate their sustainability commitments and enhance their performance.

Socially, we continued to support local communities, develop and nurture our staff, and increase our focus on ethical business practices. The following icongraphics highlight our key sustainability achievements.

“2016 was a significant year for sustainability within MCI. We made important progress with our operations, talent engagement and at scaling our sustainability advisory services into our client services and solutions around the world. We proved that MCI is a high value partner for organisations wishing to engage and activate stakeholders, and drive the transition to a sustainable global economy.”

Guy Bigwood, MCI Group Sustainability Director