Our Business

Our Business

Our Business

MCI is the global leader in engaging and activating audiences.

Bringing people together to build communities and create unforgettable experiences is the DNA of our company. We inspire audiences to work towards achieving their shared goals in a natural, engaging and empowering way. A thriving and active community makes its members more energetic and goal-focused, leading to positive results and growth.



Understand MCI, the scale of our business and worldwide operations. Discover the volume of events organised, our revenue and our long-term business plan and dreams for the future growth of the group.

Core Values

Explore the core values underpinning MCI, our approach to entrepreneurship, global growth, supporting diversity and encouraging fair relations with our stakeholders.

Core Products and Solutions

Discover MCI’s expanding portfolio of strategic services & managed solutions and explore the key industries we support with our expertise and focused product practices.

MCI Group Brands

Learn about the different brands under the management of MCI Group providing strategic services and managed solutions across a number of industries.

MCI Offices

With offices in Africa, Asia-Pacific, the Americas, Europe and the Middle East, MCI Group offers a global pool of experts leveraging local connections to offer best in class solutions and services. Discover where you can find us.