Our Vision of a Sustainable Events Industry

We envision and will work to build a future where we will increasingly meet digitally, but where face-to-face collaboration is critical;  where 100% renewable energy powers our offices and the venues we use; where 100% of event waste will be transformed into a reusable resource; where the food is healthy and sustainably sourced; where workers are fairly treated; event attendee well-being is guaranteed, and where our environmental, social and economic performance is carefully reviewed and prized by our clients. For the future of MCI and our planet, this vision is necessary, desireable and achievable”

Guy Bigwood, Group Sustainability Director

People, Planet, Profit

Our sustainability strategy is based on the concept of a balanced triple bottom line: People, Planet, Profit.

Our focus is to use sustainability as a lens to help us drive economic, social and environmental performance.

Our mission is to be a catalyst for change and part of the global sustainability movement using our skills, voice, and relationships to make a positive impact on the world.

Our Approach

The MCI Sustainability Approach is a framework with six key steps that guides our day to day thinking and work. This framework is used internally and for clients on our consulting projects.

This approach is structured using ISO20121 – the International Standard for Sustainability Management Systems for the Events Industry, and is heavily influenced by the ten universal principles of UN Global Compact. In 2007 MCI became the first agency in the meetings and events industry to become a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact.

We prepare and disclose our sustainability strategy, progress and performance using the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Standards via this annual Sustainability Report.

Currently we are working to align our strategy with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and embed the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals within our sustainability approach.

Our Commitment

We commit to integrating sustainability into the critical areas of our business: Operations, People and Culture, Client Services, Industry and the Community.


We commit to integrate principles of sustainability consistently into the daily work of our teams and operations.

People and Culture
We commit to the advancement and wellbeing of each individual in MCI.
Client Services
We commit to developing sustainability products and solutions that empower our clients and their organisations to better engage stakeholders, accelerate innovation and improve results.

We commit to being a leader and champion for the implementation of sustainable and responsible business practices and will use our influence to actively encourage meetings industry stakeholders to follow our example.


We commit to working together to build a vibrant culture of responsibility and care that generates value for the communities where we work.

Priority Focus Areas

Based on our process of stakeholder engagement and materiality analysis, we have a clear understanding of our key issues and opportunities. Following this we defined the following 9 key priority areas of focus in 2016 under the broader headlines of People, Planet, and Profit.


Discover our key social priorities:


Explore our key environmental priorities:


Learn about our key economic priorities:

2017 People, Planet, Profit Strategy

“At MCI, we believe it is extremely important that our talents are engaged in CSR. Not only because we as individuals can lead the way and make a difference, but in our quest to become the preferred strategic supplier to all our clients, we are continuously adapting our services and expanding our reach to all corners of the world.”

Jurriaen Sleijster, President and COO

Within the following areas we have identified 6 focuses for 2017. Please expand the following boxes to read more.

Build the Sustainability Industry Practice
  • Invest, create and partner to further grow our business and expertise in key categories of the sustainability industry including Smart Cities, Mobility, Water and Infrastructure.
Grow our Event Sustainability Consulting Services
  • Provide consulting services to enable large events, venues and destinations to be leaders in event sustainability.
Build a vibrant culture of responsibility and care that generates value for our people and the community
  • Enable and inspire our talent to volunteer a minimum of 8 hours to a community action project.
  • Align the community action initiative with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
Integrate sustainability consistently into our operations
  • Go Carbon Neutral for our operations
  • Improve MCI’s sustainable procurement processes.
Create value for MCI through ethics, good governance and effective reporting


  • Produce a sustainability report using the GRI G4 Standards guidelines
Align the UN Sustainable Development Goals with the MCI Sustainability Strategy
  • Map which of the 17 UN SDGs are relevant to MCI, and where we are already supporting the goals.
  • Raise awareness and engage MCI talent and the Events Industry on the importance of the SDGs.
  • Develop a plan to increase action in support of the UN Sustainable Development Agenda.

Managing Our Sustainability Programme

Strategy Development

Company-wide, Sustainability Director Guy Bigwood is responsible for developing and overseeing the Group Sustainability Programme. Annually a sustainability business plan is established with clear goals and key performance indicators. This business plan is informed by the results of the stakeholder engagement and materiality analysis, and is approved by the Executive Committee. Bi-monthly meetings with the Vice-President of People and Culture and the President/COO, plus quarterly meetings with the Chief Executive Officer keep sustainability high on the agenda and integrated as a core part of the business strategy of MCI.

During the review meetings the KPIs and the management approach are reviewed, weaknesses and opportunities identified and improvements planned. The highlights of this plan are shared with all directors and managers at board meetings.

Board Oversight

The External Advisory Board, chaired by MCI’s Founder and President Roger Tondeur, reviews our sustainability programme, performance and this report annually.

Implementation and Localisation

The HQ Sustainability Team works with the HR, Finance, Procurement, Sales and Operations teams in training, coaching, developing initiatives and building local plans.

A global team of 106 passionate Sustainability Champions and “CSR Team” members bring the programme to life locally. These champions have the task to build and lead a local sustainability team consisting of talent from Operational, Sales and Back Office teams. The Managing Director of each office has overall responsibility and accountability for sustainability on a local basis, as evaluated quarterly via the MCI Sustainability Scorecard.

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