Message from the CEO

To address today’s environmental and social challenges, business, government and civil society need to collaborate, act and innovate on an unprecedented scale. MCI has the potential and passion to help organisations galvanise collaboration, catalyse innovation and accelerate the transition to a more just and sustainable world.

Sebastien Tondeur, CEO

A Decade of Dedication

This report recognises ten years of sustainability at MCI. What started as a small CSR program has blossomed to become a core pillar of the MCI culture and brand.

Sustainability is now part of our business strategy, our client value proposition and our daily operations. Through our programme we have managed to reduce our carbon emissions intensity by 12% since 2010; switched 32% of our offices to renewable energy; trained over 33,361 of our staff, clients, suppliers and competitors in sustainable event practices, and our teams have volunteered over 18,925 hours, raising €5.7 million for 409 community projects around the world. At the same time we’ve been focused on equal opportunities within the business and in 2016 improved the gender balance in leadership positions; now 39% of our director level positions and above are held by women. 

On the client side, in the past 7 years we’ve worked on over 850 projects addressing environmental and social development issues. I’m proud to see how the MCI entrepreneurial spirit is accelerating and how our teams are increasingly working on more complex and impactful sustainability project around the world – from helping to expand the Smart Cities Council, to organising the Global Reporting Initiative Conference, to launching the Global Destination Sustainability Index and even supporting the Pope and the Vatican with their climate change outreach programme. 


The Future

As well as continuing our support for the UN Global Compact, this year we started to align our sustainability strategy with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We see these 17 goals as an overarching framework that can help us to improve, communicate and report on our sustainability strategies, goals and activities. The SDGs have the potential to strengthen relationships with key stakeholders, while better measuring and communicating the value of our sustainability program to help us identify and close new business opportunities.


Our Role

Since we started the sustainability journey 10 years ago, the environmental and social challenges faced by society have radically increased. Business, government and civil society need to collaborate, act and innovate on a vast scale. This is where MCI has an important role to play. Our strategic engagement and activation solutions we can help organisations to build unforgettable online and offline experiences that foster behavioural change, inspire action and educate to enhance sustainability performance. We have the potential and a passion to use our skills, voice, and relationships to help organisations galvanise collaboration, catalyse innovation and accelerate the transition to a more just and sustainable world.



Sebastien Tondeur

Chief Executive Officer, MCI Group

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At MCI, sustainability is a competitive advantage, an economic opportunity and a driver of innovation. It’s part of the way we work and how we do business.

2016 Highlights

2016 was a year of great progress. Through the MCI sustainability programme we improved our processes, built schools, won awards, delivered innovative projects, and raised money for those that need it the most.

Our Talents

69% of our talents say that MCI’s commitment to sustainability makes them feel more engaged and motivated to work for us. Understand how sustainability is a core part of our culture and talent development programmes.

850 projects delivered

Since 2010 MCI has become the leading global organiser of events about energy, the environment, social progress and governance. MCI sustainability consultants strategically engage and activate stakeholders in order to increase sustainable business performance.

Over € 3.9 million raised

In 2017, MCI Talents volunteered a total number of 5,372 hours, raising over €28,670 direct and €3.9 million indirect funds in support of 80 charity projects around the globe.